Hello there! Thanks for visiting. I’m Kimberly Turner, an Atlanta-based freelance editor and writer with more than 15 years of international experience in the publishing industry — both print and digital. I hold a B.A. in Creative Writing and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and have won awards for my service journalism work.


I am available for copy editing, developmental editing, reporting, and writing projects. I also specialize in helping technology startups with messaging and documentation. My versatile approach allows me to easily switch from editing medical manuscripts for academic journals to writing snarky online humor pieces to reporting on science, technology, real estate, or business trends. Please scroll down to view a few clips.

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  • MA in Applied Linguistics
    University of New South Wales
  • BA in Creative Writing
    Southeast Missouri State University



5 Ways Your Brain Sabotages Your Writing... And What To Do About It

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is that your brain hates your guts. That’s just science.

5 More Ways Your Brain Sabotages Your Writing... And What To Do About It

More mental shenanigans, more productivity tips, and more shark sex references than ever before.

Twitter: Destructor Of Grammar Or Awesome Word Factory?

Is Twitter’s inescapable deluge of 140-character blurbs massacring English as we know it or pushing us to write more concise copy?

Liars, Madmen, Demons and Children: 10 Unforgettable Unreliable Narrators

Who can you trust? Not these 10 unreliable narrators, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth getting to know.

The 10 Weirdest And Most Wonderful Libraries In The World

What do camels, donkeys, UFOs, boats, phone booths, and tanks have in common? They can all be libraries.

Do You Have To Suffer For Your Art?

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the tormented artist and depressed, alcoholic writer; but do great lives truly require great hardship?

The Secret Lives of LIttle Words

When it comes to spoken language, nothing is accidental. Linguists are working on finding meaning in every ‘oh,’ ‘um,’ ‘well,’ and ‘okay.’

7 Horrifying Ailments Named After Literary Characters

From 10-month-long sleep to homicidal jealousy, these horrifying conditions show us just how tough some of literature’s favorite characters had it.


Write Like a Girl (or Guy)

How do you write characters of the opposite sex who don’t sound like a man doing a poor imitation of a woman, or vice versa?

LitRock: 9 Odd Stories Behind Book-Inspired Music

From Bowie and Devo to Anthrax and Mastodon, musicians have always been inspired by their favorite books.

Doctor Sleep and the Evolution of Fear

LitReactor looks at how Stephen King’s long-awaited sequel to ‘The Shining’ taps into our most primal fears.

Literature's Ten Most Disturbing Sociopaths

These characters will dazzle you with wit and charm, then destroy you without remorse.

A Literary History of Oz

At 42 books and counting, the story of Oz is bigger than you think.

Seven Badass Authors And Their Potentially Deadly Research Methods

You can’t call the research for your book “grueling” unless it involves a gun to your head, beatings from Hells Angels members, feigning madness, or eating someone in the jungles of Peru.

Five Authors Who Prove It's Never Too Late To Start Writing

Turning 30, or 50, or 60 without penning a bestseller doesn’t mean you’re washed up. These authors will inspire you to stop obsessing over prodigious 20-year-old wunderkind and write your damned book.

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While we worry about killer bees invading Georgia, the real danger is the disappearance of honeybees–and with them, our food supply.


Driven by personal loss, paranormal researcher and TV ghost hunter Patrick Burns seeks the secrets of life beyond the grave.

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Entrepreneurs share lessons learned from starting a business during a recession.

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